Saturday, December 02, 2023

More Purchases and Mail Issues

Today I received a two more orders from a couple SCN members.  One included a handful of 1962 Topps that I don't yet have.  There were two cards, one personalized, and one miscut, that were thrown in for free which was nice because not only didn't I have those cards yet, but I also didn't have any autographs from those players (Ed Keegan and Gordon Windhorn).

Another order had four different vintage cards of players I already had, but on cards that I didn't.

I have been having my share of mail issues lately.  A few weeks ago, a few Ebay orders marked as delivered didn't actually show up.  But a few days later, a neighbor dropped them off as they had been delivered to them by mistake.

Lately, I've had worse problems.  More orders marked as delivered that weren't, orders that simply disappeared from USPS tracking, and orders that don't get any tracking updated after initial scanning.  I've had to request a few refunds of orders in the $30 range. 

I have a Brian Harper return coming back from a private signing that I shipped using a PirateShip return label.  The label was expired because the signing was delayed, but it's still being tracked.  It was at the sorting plant near me, then made a detour to a neighboring state and back.  Hopefully I get it Monday.

I have several ttm requests from the last few months that haven't been returned, despite the player returning other requests during that period.

I'm at the point where I think I'm going to hold off on many purchases or even ttm requests until after the holidays because I have lost my faith in the USPS for now.

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