Monday, April 29, 2024

Falling Behind - Lots of Returns to Post

I received a few ttm returns on Saturday, as well as some Twins Spring Training purchases from a fellow SCN member.

Stan Bahnsen added another card to my 1975 Topps set and a 1972 Topps Rookie of the Year Award card.  I really like these award cards from this set.  It's a relatively inexpensive item to get signed by some really great players, and still make progress on a set I'm working on.  I'll probably add another player or two to this Rookie of the Year Award card.

I'll be sending Dick Bosman's 1967 Topps off to Pete Craig next.  I'm not sure if I'll send the 1970 Topps to Palmer though.  Is it worth $10 to get the second player on the card when the third player is deceased?  Maybe.

I finally got around to sending a couple set cards to Roy White.  He's a reliable signer but charges $10 per card, so I just hadn't gotten around to sending to him yet.

A fellow SCN member had some duplicates from his time at Twins spring training, so I was able to get some Topps Heritage cards and an Archives card as well as a Johan Santana Allen & Ginter.

I also received a 2023 Heritage card back from a Dylan Bundy mail-in signing.  I might be doing pretty well on the 2023 Heritage Twins set.  I'll have to get organized and see exactly where I stand.

Today I received a couple Felipe Alou cards back from a mail-in signing.  I added his 1971 Topps to my set and decided to get his 1959 Topps rookie card as well.  I think I've got all of his cards that I need, unless I come across a multi-player card that I'm overlooking.

Bill Mazeroski signed his 1960 Topps and the 6th Series checklist from 1961.  You know I'm desperate to add cards to a set when I'm sending out checklists.  I may be getting close to having all of his regular-issue cards.  I'm probably short two or three from the late 60's since I don't normally collect the 1967 through 1969 sets.

And finally, Mike Mussina signed his Hall of Fame postcard for me.

Friday, April 26, 2024

More TTM and Mail-In Signing Returns

I received a lot of team cards back ttm today.  I'm not going to list them all, but I'll post all the pictures.  The four returns were from Steve Blass, Frank Kostro, Frank Kreutzer and Jerry Walker.

I also received a magazine back from a Tony Oliva signing.  I plan on getting it signed by McLain and Jenkins too.

And finally, I received a 1965 Topps back from a Cleon Jones signing.  I had requested he sign in ballpoint to match Parson's signature.

Thursday, April 25, 2024

A Bunch of Returns, Including a Couple Hall of Famers

I received four ttm returns and two mail-in signing returns today.

I sent a Gold Glove baseball to a Roberto Alomar signing.  I paid for his "10x" inscription as well as Beckett Witness authentication.

I also received three cards back from a Willie Horton signing to fill some holes in my sets.

Via ttm, Bob Skinner signed a couple 1965 Topps team cards, and a 1959 and 1963 Topps that also feature Clemente.  I wonder how many of those two cards exist fully signed.

Mike Fiore signed his 1971 and 1972 Topps as well as the 1972 Red Sox team card in ballpoint, just as he did for me 14 years ago.

Dennis Eckersley signed his Hall of Fame postcard and his 1987 Topps Traded card.

Finally, Al Weis signed a Ron Lewis 1969 Mets postcard (made in 1994 I think), a couple of Mets team cards and the 1972 Topps Babe Ruth Award card.  He is the first to sign a Babe Ruth card for me.