Saturday, April 20, 2024

Mill Creek Sports Purchase #2

I received purchase number two from Mill Creek Sports today.  Oddly, this is the most recent order I place, and one I placed prior to this has yet to be delivered, despite quick shipping by Mill Creek.  That order arrived in my general area yesterday but didn't make it to my local PO for final delivery.

This order contained a 1966 Topps signed by Jerry Zimmerman and a 1967 Topps signed by Zoilo Versalles.  Zoilo is a relatively tough signature to get, and there are a lot of ghost-signed cards out there.  I believe his wife used to sign his ttm requests.

I bought a lot of signed cards at an auction at a local card club here in the Twin Cities back in 2012 which contained a ghost-signed card of his.  It has a feminine quality to it and doesn't have the odd angle that Versalles signed with.

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