Tuesday, April 02, 2024

Four TTM Returns and Some More Purchases

The TTM returns are starting to pick up.  I received four today as well as a few purchases from eBay.

Don Kessinger signed his 1966 Topps and a few team cards including the 1979 White Sox card when he was manager.

Phil Mankowski signed his 1977, 1978 and 1980 Topps as well as the 1978 Tigers team card.

Fred Norman signed his 1965 and 1971 Topps for my sets.  He's a reliable signer, but charges $10 per card, so I have put off sending to him until now.

And Bobby Shantz, at 98 years old, signed four team cards for me.  He played for three different teams in 1964, so he has signed three different 1965 team cards for me, including the Cubs in a previous request.

Even though I recently bought this 1969 Boswell card signed, I also impulse-bought another one in nicer shape and slabbed by PSA.

And from another eBay seller, I bought this Harmon Killebrew-signed postcard and a magazine article signed by Phil Niekro.  More impulse purchases that need to end, although I paid less than $10 each for these two autographs.

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