Thursday, February 29, 2024

Tony Perez Mail-In Signing Return

Despite showing one in my Informed Delivery email this morning, I didn't receive any ttm returns today.

I did, however, receive a return from a Tony Perez mail-in signing.  I sent in five cards, to try to get some set cards completed.  The 1971 Leaders cards could be completed with Williams and Bench, but it would be expensive.  I'm not sure if I'll try that or not. 

The 1965 Topps is his rookie card, so it's nice to add another HOF rookie card to my collection, as well as check off another card for my 1965 set.  I count a card with one signature as complete, whether or not I try to get more on it.

Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Vern Law TTM Return

Today I received a great ttm return from Vernon (Vern) Law, as always.  He signed his 1957 and 1962 Topps and added lots of inscriptions.

He also answered some questions I had in my letter, and then he thanked me for "being a fan of the Golden Age of Baseball".  I included $20 with my request.  He always does such a nice job.  A TTM Hall of Famer, for sure!

Saturday, February 24, 2024

Mack Burk and Danny Cater TTM Returns

I received two ttm returns today.  One of them was a little ripped and beat up.  This seems to be happening more and more lately.  It didn't appear damaged in my Informed Delivery email, so it must have happened on its last leg of its trip back to me.

Mack Burk signed his 1957 and 1958 Topps, as well as the back of the 1957 Phillies team card.  I have had several returns where the player chose to sign the back of team cards.  I'm not sure why.  I have started putting a post it note on the back asking them to sign the front, but I must have forgotten to do that on this card. 

Danny Cater signed his 1975 Topps for my set.  As he has been doing since about 2020, he abbreviated his first name with just his initial, "D. Cater".  He charges $5 per card.

I received a few eBay purchases today as well, but no autographs.  I received a bunch of Leo Cardenas cards that I plan to send to a mail-in signing, and about 20 unsigned Hall of Fame postcards.  I really didn't care for these postcards in the past and never paid for any to be signed.  But then I received a few that players like Brooks Robinson and Bobby Doerr included with my requests for free and they started to grow on me.  

I've purchased a few here and there, and then came across an eBay seller that had a bunch of unsigned ones, so I decided to buy a few to send out to players that are good ttm, or not too expensive at shows.  I need some type of project to work on and while this will be a relatively small project, it gives me something to focus on.

Friday, February 23, 2024

Rick Aguilera Bobblehead

I received the other two items I sent in for this signing a while ago, but today I received the Rick Aguilera bobblehead.  I chose to pay for Beckett Witness authentication on this one.

A long time ago (2011), I had him sign his 1991 Twins World Champions bobblehead.

I also received a magazine that I intend to send in to a Tony Oliva signing.  The cover also has Denny McLain and Fergie Jenkins on it so it's possible I could get all the players on the cover to sign this one, which is my goal.

I expect a few more returns from private signings and am hoping to start getting a few ttm returns shortly.

Tuesday, February 20, 2024

TTM Returns, Mail-In Signing Return and Some Purchases

I received a bunch of cards back today. including a couple TTM returns.

Chuck Essegian signed his 1971 Fleer commemorating his two pinch-hit home runs in the 1959 World series.

And Andre Thornton signed his 1974 (on which the pen did not work well), 1978, and 1986 Topps.

I received a purchase which included a few Twins cards, adding a couple to my 2003 team set, and a couple upgrades to some Heritage cards.

Finally, I received six cards back from a Bill Madlock signing from Tom Orr.  I paid the same for this signing that I would have paid for him normal ttm fee, but thought I'd reduce the risk of him using a bad pen or something with the promoter looking on.

I mailed a bunch of requests out today, including some current and former Twins at spring training addresses.  I have low expectations, but tried a new tactic on some of them to see if my success rate improves.  If it doesn't seem to help, I'll share my tactic.  But if it does, I might not share it :-).  Kind of like finding a good fishing spot.

Saturday, February 17, 2024

Bud Daley and Garry Jestadt TTM Returns - Clark and Rivera Purchases

One of my sases were in very poor shape when I received it today.  It had obviously gotten wet since the ink had run and it was very wavy.  It was ripped open and taped shut, creased and folded.

I was surprised the cards were even still inside. But the three cards Garry Jestadt had signed were there, although obviously they were wet at one point and wavy now, although dry.  He wrote in the letter that the rain had gotten them wet.

So, it had gotten wet on the way to Mr. Jestadt's.  But then the sase went through some adventures on its way back to me.  I'll put the cards under some heavy books for a few days and they'll be fine.

Also, Bud Daley signed his 1964 Topps, as well as the 1958 Indians and 1961 Athletics team cards.

I also received a couple 1959 Topps from a fellow SCN member including Phil Clark and Jim Rivera.


Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Denard Span Mail-In Signing Return

A few days ago, I received a return from a Denard Span mail-in signing.  This was a signing where the promoter gathers the items from the customers, then mails them to the player to sign and mail back, as opposed to meeting with the player in person.

This often results in unpredictable timelines for returns, but as long as you can live with that, I guess it's okay.  I would be hesitant to send in a rare/expensive multi-signed item, or something that I wanted handled in a very specific way, where it would be best to have the promoter sitting next to the player signing to make sure it got done correctly.

When I committed to the signing, I was sure I'd need at least three cards signed by him, but after looking into it, I really only needed his 2012 Topps Heritage signed.  I had a few other cards of his, but wasn't really thrilled about them, so I decided that getting multiples of this high-number card might result in some good trade items in the future.

I have a bunch of his cards signed from in-person events like TwinsFest.  The "D" in his first name on these don't match up well with those examples, but the rest is spot on.  Maybe he's changed his signature since I last saw him 12 years ago, or maybe he had so many to sign that it got a little sloppy as he made his way through all the items he needed to sign.

Here's a card I got signed at TwinsFest 2012.

Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Eddie Fisher TTM Return

I received 3 out of 4 signed back from Eddie Fisher today.  He didn't sign the 1972 Angels team card, but he did sign the other three. 

Friday, February 09, 2024

Rick Aguilera Mail In Signing Return

I received two of the three items I sent in to a Rick Aguilera signing today.  He doesn't sign very often, so I thought I'd load up on what I needed even though it was a little expensive.  I also sent a bobblehead, but haven't seen my PirateShip label get used yet.  I did ask for authentication on the bobblehead (I'm not really sure why) so maybe that's what's holding it up.

I had him sign a Metrodome baseball and even paid for an inscription (which I almost never do).  I must have been in a spending mood when I sent it.  It turned out nicely though.

And I added another 1991 Twins World Championship poster to my set.  I just need five more now: Scott Erickson, Greg Gagne, Dan Gladden, Tom Kelly and Jack Morris.  I haven't seen an Erickson signing for a few years, but the other five should be relatively easy to get, as opposed to my 1991 bobblehead set where I need Paul Sorrento and Steve Bedrosian, who don't seem interested in signing at all.