Friday, February 09, 2024

Rick Aguilera Mail In Signing Return

I received two of the three items I sent in to a Rick Aguilera signing today.  He doesn't sign very often, so I thought I'd load up on what I needed even though it was a little expensive.  I also sent a bobblehead, but haven't seen my PirateShip label get used yet.  I did ask for authentication on the bobblehead (I'm not really sure why) so maybe that's what's holding it up.

I had him sign a Metrodome baseball and even paid for an inscription (which I almost never do).  I must have been in a spending mood when I sent it.  It turned out nicely though.

And I added another 1991 Twins World Championship poster to my set.  I just need five more now: Scott Erickson, Greg Gagne, Dan Gladden, Tom Kelly and Jack Morris.  I haven't seen an Erickson signing for a few years, but the other five should be relatively easy to get, as opposed to my 1991 bobblehead set where I need Paul Sorrento and Steve Bedrosian, who don't seem interested in signing at all.

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