Saturday, February 24, 2024

Mack Burk and Danny Cater TTM Returns

I received two ttm returns today.  One of them was a little ripped and beat up.  This seems to be happening more and more lately.  It didn't appear damaged in my Informed Delivery email, so it must have happened on its last leg of its trip back to me.

Mack Burk signed his 1957 and 1958 Topps, as well as the back of the 1957 Phillies team card.  I have had several returns where the player chose to sign the back of team cards.  I'm not sure why.  I have started putting a post it note on the back asking them to sign the front, but I must have forgotten to do that on this card. 

Danny Cater signed his 1975 Topps for my set.  As he has been doing since about 2020, he abbreviated his first name with just his initial, "D. Cater".  He charges $5 per card.

I received a few eBay purchases today as well, but no autographs.  I received a bunch of Leo Cardenas cards that I plan to send to a mail-in signing, and about 20 unsigned Hall of Fame postcards.  I really didn't care for these postcards in the past and never paid for any to be signed.  But then I received a few that players like Brooks Robinson and Bobby Doerr included with my requests for free and they started to grow on me.  

I've purchased a few here and there, and then came across an eBay seller that had a bunch of unsigned ones, so I decided to buy a few to send out to players that are good ttm, or not too expensive at shows.  I need some type of project to work on and while this will be a relatively small project, it gives me something to focus on.

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