Tuesday, February 20, 2024

TTM Returns, Mail-In Signing Return and Some Purchases

I received a bunch of cards back today. including a couple TTM returns.

Chuck Essegian signed his 1971 Fleer commemorating his two pinch-hit home runs in the 1959 World series.

And Andre Thornton signed his 1974 (on which the pen did not work well), 1978, and 1986 Topps.

I received a purchase which included a few Twins cards, adding a couple to my 2003 team set, and a couple upgrades to some Heritage cards.

Finally, I received six cards back from a Bill Madlock signing from Tom Orr.  I paid the same for this signing that I would have paid for him normal ttm fee, but thought I'd reduce the risk of him using a bad pen or something with the promoter looking on.

I mailed a bunch of requests out today, including some current and former Twins at spring training addresses.  I have low expectations, but tried a new tactic on some of them to see if my success rate improves.  If it doesn't seem to help, I'll share my tactic.  But if it does, I might not share it :-).  Kind of like finding a good fishing spot.

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