Monday, November 27, 2023

Eric Gagne, Ken Harrelson and Bob Ross TTM Returns

I received three ttm returns today.

Eric Gagne signed his 2003 through 2005 Topps Heritage cards.  I noticed some returns from him posted on SCN so I thought I'd give it a shot. He was a three-time All Star and Cy Young Award winner in 2003.

Ken Harrelson signed his 1965 Topps, which wasn't returned with my last request.  Unfortunately, the card was badly creased in the mail.

And Bob Ross signed his 1954 Topps and the 1957 Phillies team card.  I think my last request to him lost in the mail as I received my sase torn and inside a USPS plastic body bag.  

Friday, November 24, 2023

Chuck Essegian, Ralph Garr and Some More Purchases

I've been purchasing more signed cards than I've been getting back in the mail lately.

Chuck Essegian is a very generous signer.  He has several cards from the late 50's and early 60's and I've got several examples of all of them.  He almost always signs in ballpoint, which isn't a bad look on these vintage cards, but can be hard to see sometimes.  He signed his 1958 through 1961 Topps for me in about two and a half weeks. 

Ralph Garr signed the 1972 N.L. Batting Leaders card as well as his 1973, 1975 and 1978 Topps for my sets. The upper left corner got pretty dinged up on the 72.  I'm surprised this doesn't happen more often.

I bought a bunch of cards from an SCN member, including a 1971 White Sox Rookie Stars card.  I got this card signed ttm but the Lolich signature smeared a bit, so this is a nice upgrade.

I also bought a 1978 Topps Butch Hobson.  It's not impossible to get him ttm but it's been tough lately, so I bought this in case I never get the chance otherwise.

And I bought a bunch of 58's and 59's.  I just can't resist them when they are only $3 or $4 apiece.  It's cheaper than buying the cards and mailing them out myself.  I have all of these already, except for the 59 Secrest and Chrisley.

Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Guinn and Mussina TTM Returns and a Berra Purchase

My Skip Guinn return showed up in my Saturday Informed Delivery email so I'm happy it showed up today.  He signed his 1969, 1970 and 1971 Topps.

And Mike Mussina signed his 2000 Fleer Tradition and 2006 Allen & Ginter cards.  He added his HOF inscription without me asking.

And I bought a 1975 Topps MVP cards signed by Yogi Berra.  I bought this on eBay from a trusted SCN contact.

Monday, November 20, 2023

Daley and Jay TTM Returns and a Couple Purchases

I have sent to Pete Daley a few times over the years.  A long time ago (2004), he just signed the cards with no personalization. When I sent to him in 2010, he personalized my cards as well as last year.  I bought a rather expensive ($20) 1955 Topps and I really didn't want him to personalize it.  So, I sent it to him along with a 1958 Red Sox team card that already had a couple signatures.  In my letter, I asked him politely not to personalize it, because there isn't much room on this rather busy card, which is very true.  I emphasized that these cards were for my personal collection and would not be sold.  I also included $10 and told him that even if he still wanted to personalize the cards, he should still keep the $10 for his time.

He returned the cards signed, but not personalized.  He also returned my $10 and tore off a piece of the envelope I sent my request in and wrote "Give it to Charity".  So, I put the $10 in my wallet and thought, sure, I'll donate it to charity when I get the chance.  Then I realized I'll never do it unless I do it right now.  I donated it to my local food shelf via their web site.  They will probably think such a small donation is odd, but I fulfilled Mr. Daley's request in return for his nice gesture of not personalizing my cards.

I also received a return from Joe Jay, who signed three different 1962 Topps that he appears on, as well as a 1963 National League Pitching Leaders card.  Unfortunately, of all the players pictured on those multi-player cards, only one is still alive.  Art Mahaffey is on the 1963 card, and I will probably send it on to him to sign.

I made a rather expensive mistake when I bought a 1952 Topps signed by Ned Garver, because I already have it!  I sent it ttm to Mr. Garver in March of 2010, and it looks almost identical to the one I just bought.

Finally, I bought a Beckett-authenticated Johnny Bench 2000 Fleer Greats of the Game.  I collect mainly vintage signed cards, but this set just stands out to me and I've been slowly working on it since I started collecting in 2003.  I still need 43 to complete the set, but I already have 64.

Saturday, November 18, 2023

Pete Charton TTM Return and a Bunch of Purchases

I received one ttm return yesterday from Pete Charton, who was kind enough to sign his 1964 and 1966 Topps cards as well as the 1965 Red Sox team card.  Even though I already have the 64 signed by both players, I'll send it off to Jones anyway.

I also received a bunch of purchases from Ebay as well as from the SCN boards.  Too many to list individually, so I'll just post the photos.  I have several ttm returns coming today, according to my Informed Delivery email, so I'll post those later.