Thursday, July 30, 2009

Another Fathead

I got my Mauer Fathead tonight and my wife helped me put it up. It's definitely a two person job. I put it on the wall adjacent to the Morneau Fathead behind the TV. I really like they way they look and they really grab your attention when you walk in the room.

I am losing valuable wall real estate though, and I'm not sure where I'm going to hang all my framed magazines and pictures. I'd also like to buy another couple display cases but I don't know where they'd go. I doubt I'll have any luck convincing my wife to let my collection out of the basement, so I'll have to get creative.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Tribe Hill Trio - Part II

My older son decided to get all three signatures on the 1962 Topps Tribe Hill Trio. He bought a nice copy of the card at a card show a while ago and I encouraged him to start with the toughest signer, Barry Latman.

He sent the card off to Latman on June 29th and got it back today, signed nicely in blue sharpie. So far, his card is looking better than mine. Mine started getting beat up on the trip to Jim Perry, and even more so when I sent it to Dick Stigman. Mine was also signed in three different types and color of pen, so we'll see how Johnny's turns out.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Lots of Driving - Not Much Found

The boys and I did a lot of driving today. We started at Gander Mountain to get our fishing and camping gear in order. That included buying a new tent to replace the one that was shredded in yesterday morning's storm in the back yard. It also included buying two new rods to replace the ones that got broken in transit in the car.

Anyway, after that we hit The Ballpark in Apple Valley. I picked up the lot of 18 1964 Topps I won on eBay and Johnny bought an old book about pitchers.

After that, we went to Taco Bell, of course, and then Cedar Cliff Collectibles. Johnny bought several Amazing Spider-man comics, Pitfall for my old Atari system and a few game used jersey cards. David bought an Ozzie Smith MacFarlane figure and a couple of jersey cards. I didn't buy anything.

After that, we decided we'd try to find one of the "Beyond Shinders" stores. There are two of these stores, that opened after the original Shinders stores closed a few years ago. The old Shinders stores were great. They had tons of baseball cards, bobbleheads, autographs, comic books, magazines, and supplies. We went to the Beyond Shinders store in Maplewood and were very disappointed. There was very little in the store, and what was there, was very overpriced. David did buy a Johan Santana MacFarlane figure, but that was all. We won't be making that store part of our regular route.

I took a few pictures of the game used bats I bought recently. Next weekend is the Harris and Punto signings.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Evan Longoria

Today I received the games used bats I ordered, as well as the Evan Longoria balls from Steiner. I'll take pictures of the bats tomorrow and post them before I get the Punto and Harris bats signed.

I ordered a case of Ultra Pro UV protected baseball holders. I just realized that the last case I ordered wasn't UV protected. I think I'll replace all the balls I currently have out on display with the new cases, and leave the ones I have stored away in the standard holders.

The boys and I are going to make the rounds tomorrow. We'll hit The Ball Park in Apple Valley, where I one a lot of 18 1964 Topps on eBay. Then we'll hit Cedar Cliff Collectibles. The boys are looking for some more Simpsons figures to add to their collection. I don't have anything specific in mind but you never know what you'll find there.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


My Justin Morneau Fathead showed up today. It was kind of a pain getting it out of the tube, flattened out and on the wall. My wife helped me so it didn't take too long. It's huge and there's not enough wall space left in the basement where you could see the whole thing, so it's tucked behind the TV a bit.

On the TV you can see the highlights of Mark Buehrle's perfect game being played on the MLB Network. Pretty amazing. I have a few cards signed by Buehrle that he was kind enough to sign through the mail a few years ago. I wonder what his mailbox will look like on Monday.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Lot of Buying

I've been spending a lot of money lately. I received the dozen Twins mini helmets I ordered so I'm in good shape for supplies.

I also bought a few game used bats from a guy on eBay. The bats include Nick Punto, Jason Kubel, Brendan Harris and Craig Monroe. My sons have claimed the Punto and Harris bats already. Both Punto and Harris are signing on Saturday, August 1st. My boys will be out of town, so I told them I'll try to get them signed. Unfortunately, they're signing in different cities at about the same time, so it might be tricky.

I also bought a Justin Morneau FatHead. Fatheads are life-sized vinyl cut outs that stick to your wall. So we'll add a life-sized Morneau to the basement.

I also ordered a couple of Evan Longoria signed baseballs from Steiner. They had a sale that I thought was pretty reasonable. I'll give these to the boys as well.

Speaking of the boys, their baseball seasons have wrapped up. My older son John's team was really flat towards the end of the season and didn't do well in their tournaments or playoffs. My younger son David's team played well and made it to the quarterfinals of the State Tournament before having to forfeit since they were short a kid. Long story, and heartbreaking for the kids.

I've included a picture of David pitching here. He pitched two innings in each of the games in the pool, and three innings in the first bracket game.

Now we practice on our own until Fall Ball starts in September.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Carlton Fisk - Another TTM Casualty

After an excruciating day of driving several hundred miles to pick my son up at camp and getting him to his baseball tournament game, only to watch them lose miserably, I was excited to come home to a small padded envelope in my mail box with my name and address written in my own handwriting. That is, until I opened it.

Carlton Fisk has recently begun signing through the mail for a $40 donation to a Cancer-related charity. A bargain compared to his normal show fee. I sent a 2008 Goudey to him on July 6th. I can't remember if I included a semi-rigid card holder with my request, but the card he returned to me was not in a holder, and was loose within the small padded envelope, and the card is creased across the bottom from side to side.

I think I will send another one and include this so they can see what happened. Hopefully they'll sign another card to replace this damaged one.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


I don't have any new items to share. I did receive a 1976 Sports Illustrated I bought on eBay. The cover has a nice picture of Carlton Fisk tagging out some Yankee at the plate. I recently sent a card out to Fisk. If that comes back, I'll sent the magazine too.

After the Denard Span signing last weekend, I decided I needed to restock my autograph supplies. I was down to one bat and no mini helmets. I placed an order with andersonkpt for a dozen of the Metrodome commemorative baseballs and 6 bats. That order arrived today, but I only got 7 of the balls. Maybe they're sold out?

I also ordered a dozen mini helmets on eBay. Those haven't yet arrived. When I get those, I should be in good shape for a while, probably until TwinsFest next January.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Denard Span in Person

Today my younger son and I headed out to Family Fresh Market in Hudson, Wisconsin (about a 30 minute drive) to go see Denard Span. He was scheduled to start signing at 11:30. We arrived at about 9:30 and were about 12th in line.

Rather than have us stand around and be in the way of all the shoppers, they gave us numbered tickets to come back later and get in line. We bought my son a "giant cookie" and went and sat in the car for about a half an hour. My son didn't really seem to trust the whole ticket system and wanted to go back and stand in line, so we did.

My older son was playing in his second State Tournament game so he couldn't make it. He won his first game last night, and had a 2-RBI bloop single to center field to help his team to an 11-8 victory. Today didn't go quite as well, although he had a solid single, stole second, and then third, and scored on a passed ball. They lost 6-3. He's a catcher, and also had a nice play where he caught an attempted bunt and threw back to first base to catch the runner who had left early. He has one more game this evening, and if they win, he'll have some games tomorrow.

Anyway, since he couldn't make it, the first time through the line I got a bat signed for him. My younger son got a ball signed. Since we were so close to the front of the line, and Denard showed up a little early, we were through the line before it was even scheduled to start. We went back to the car and I got a bat for myself, and my son got a 2008 Topps Heritage card. The line was pretty long by this time but we thought we'd give it a try.

We got through the line a second time and there was still about 15 minutes left. Denard recognized my son and said, "Back again"? After getting through the second time, there was still 15-20 minutes left, so we decided to go through one more time.

Again, Denard recognized my son and asked him if he was cutting in line (jokingly). We had a successful morning, getting through the line three times and getting two bats, a ball, a mini helmet and two baseball cards signed. Well worth the drive and the wait, and a fun day for my son to meet his favorite player.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Span and Casilla

Today I received a couple of signed cards that I bought from a fellow SCN contact. I bought an Alexi Casilla signed 2007 Topps and a Denard Span signed 2008 Topps.

Speaking of Span, my younger son and I are going to go to a signing he is doing on Saturday while my older son plays his State Tournament games. I'll get a bat signed for him since he can't go.

Tomorrow my family and I are going to the Twins/Yankees game at the Dome. The Yankees creamed us last night but lead just by a run tonight, since Joe Mauer just hit a solo home run (to left field of course) to pull within one.

Monday, July 06, 2009


Today my son got back a 2000 Fleer Greats of the Game (a set he's collecting) signed by Bill "Moose" Skowron. He included $5 cash with his request.

Mr. Skowron returned this request quickly, as it was sent just 7 days ago.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Carlos Gomez Jersey Day at the Dome

My kids and I showed up nearly three hours early to the Dome today since it's Carlos Gomez Jersey Day. My boys each got a jersey.

Oddly, Gomez is not in the starting lineup.