Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Mark Guthrie 1991 Twins World Series Bobblehead

I received a return from a Mark Guthrie mail-in signing today.  He signed his 1991 Twins World Series bobblehead for me.  The promoter was reluctant to take bobbleheads because they're kind of a hassle, so he charged me the premium price, but I was happy to pay it.

I am down to needing just two more from this 25 bobblehead set to complete all the possible players.  I still need Steve Bedrosian, who appears to not like to sign, even at paid signings, and Paul Sorrento.

I have all of the 1987 set signed except for Puckett, Don Baylor and Joe Niekro.

Saturday, March 26, 2022

Hrabosky and Rose

There were two returns in the mailbox today to close out the week. 

Al Hrabosky, the "Mad Hungarian", signed his 1971 Topps already signed by Bob Chlupsa, as well as his 1973 Topps and the 1976 Topps Leading Firemen card.  I'll be sending the 71 to Stinson next, and the 76 off to Gossage.

And Don Rose signed his 1973 Topps as well as the 1973 Topps Angels team card.  He also wrote me a nice note answering my questions and signed that as well.

Friday, March 25, 2022

Two TTM Returns and a Purchase

I received two ttm returns today.

Don Buford signed the 1970 Topps commemorating his lead-off home run in game one of the 1969 World Series. I included $5 with my request.  Mr. Buford used to sign for free but would personalize your item.  Since he has begun charging, he no longer personalizes.

I really like these types of cards that show specific games or plays and will continue to add some to my collection as I can.

Ron Guidry signed his 1979 Topps Record Breakers card.  He struck out 18 Angels in a game in 1978, which was a new A.L. record for lefties.  Pretty impressive!

Finally, I bought a 1965 Topps Bill Rigney card, PSA authenticated.  I haven't added many cards to this set lately.

Thursday, March 24, 2022

Breazeale, Eckersley and Sizemore Returns

Jim Breazeale signed his 1973 Topps for me, as well as team cards from 1971, 1972 and 1978.

I didn't realize Dennis Eckersley was signing through the mail for a $10 fee or I would have to him a long time ago.  He signed his 1978 and 1983 Topps for my sets.

And Ted Sizemore signed his 1969, 1970 and 1976 Topps, adding another Topps All Star Rookie Trophy card to my collection.

Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Carmen Fanzone TTM Return

Carmen Fanzone signed the 1971 - 1973 Topps Cubs team cards for me as well as his individual 1973 Topps card.  He also answered a couple questions in my letter and signed the note. 

Monday, March 21, 2022

Former-Twin Sal Butera Return

I received one return today to start off the week.  Former-Twin's catcher and 1987 World Series Champ Sal Butera signed his 1983, 1986, 1987 and 1989 Topps.

I ordered a bunch of mid-70's Topps cards over the weekend, focusing on the 75 set, so I'll have a bunch of cards to send out shortly to keep my returns coming in steadily.

Saturday, March 19, 2022

Davey Johnson and Bob Ross Returns

I received two returns today.

Davey Johnson signed the 1970 Topps "Orioles Celebrate" card which unfortunately commemorates the Orioles sweeping the Twins.  He also signed his 1978 Topps for my set.  I had enclosed $10 with my request.

And Bob Ross signed his 1952 and 1954 Topps.  I already had these cards signed by him over the years, but really wanted to send out some vintage cards and Mr. Ross is a generous signer.  I had previously sent to him in 2016 and in 2005, so I haven't exactly been harassing him.  The 54 is also a nice upgrade to the one he signed in black back in 2005.

Wednesday, March 16, 2022

1958 Topps Jim Busby

I received a 1958 Topps signed by Jim Busby and authenticated by Beckett that I bought on eBay. 

I believe I have about 115 cards left in this set, including some team cards and multi-player cards, as well as the expensive ones like Ted Williams, Willie Mays, Sandy Koufax, and probably some lesser-known names that may have passed away shortly after these cards were released.

I don't expect to ever complete the set, but I'll add affordable cards when I can.  When I started on the set in 2003, I set a goal of having a card signed by every living player.  This was a joke a course, because I'd only need one card signed to meet the goal eventually.  I believe the only two living players that I don't currently have are Sandy Koufax and Willie Mays.  Mays appears on three cards.

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Pete Cimino Return

Today I received a return from Pete Cimino, who was kind enough to sign his 1967 and 1968 Topps and also answered a question in my letter.

Mr. Cimino is on a 1966 Topps rookie card with Cesar Tovar which is surprisingly expensive, so I had to settle for his cards when he was on the Angels.

I sent out 10 requests today, all of which included at least one 1973 Topps.  Many of the free signers I still need for that set are on higher number cards which I don't currently have. 

Monday, March 14, 2022

Three Returns to Start the Week - Osteen, Wathan and Wood

I haven't sent out too many requests lately, but I still have plenty outstanding.  I received three ttm returns today.

Clause Osteen signed his 1970 and 1975 Topps for me.  I have 15 cards signed by Mr. Osteen, with no duplicates.  I'm pretty sure I don't have all of his cards yet, so maybe I'll send out to him again in the future.

A few posts ago I was complaining that I wasn't getting any returns that had been outstanding for a long time.  Today, I received a return from John Wathan, who signed his 1977, 1978 and 1979 Topps for me in about 11 months.  I'm happy to get these back and add another 78 Topps to my set.

Finally, Jake Wood signed his 1962 Topps which has the Topps All Star Rookie trophy on it.  I've sent to Mr. Wood in the past, most recently in 2014.  He used to sign for free, but now charges $10 per card.  It looks like he started charging sometime in 2017.  I probably wouldn't have spent the $10 for more of his cards, but I'm focusing on the Topps All Star Rookie trophy cards and am happy to add this one to my collection.  

I certainly don't blame players for charging to sign cards, especially when you see them for sale on eBay or elsewhere, but as a collector, I have to prioritize the money I spend on the hobby.

Saturday, March 12, 2022

A Couple Miracle Mets and a Couple 1958 Topps

I received a couple ttm returns and a couple cards I purchased from Mickey's.

Wayne Garrett signed his 1971 and 1973 Topps as well as a 1969 Mets Ron Lewis postcard.

Rod Gaspar signed his 1971 Topps for me.

And I received 1958 Topps cards signed by Smoky Burgess and Harvey Haddix.  They aren't authenticated, but they look consistent with authenticated examples I saw on eBay. 

Friday, March 11, 2022

Topps Rookie Trophy, Topps Stand Up and a Certified Topps Purchase

On Tuesday I jinxed myself by mentioning a two-day streak, which cost me two days of no returns.

I received two TTM returns today.

Frank Linzy signed his 1966 Topps (with the Topps Rookie All Star trophy) and his 1972 Topps.

Bob Aspromonte signed his 1964 Topps Stand Up.  This makes 20 signed cards for this set.  

And I received an eBay purchase of a 2017 Topp Heritage certified card signed by Miguel Sano. 

Tuesday, March 08, 2022

Ellie Rodriguez and Al Worthington Returns

Two more returns to keep the consecutive day streak alive for the week, even though it's only at two.

Ellie Rodriguez signed his 1971 Topps from his home in Puerto Rico.  I included $5 with my request.

And former-Twin and generous signer Al Worthington signed my 1958 Topps.  As he usually does, he enclosed a few signed religious pamphlets and articles.  On at least one previous occasion, he sent back so many extras that he used his own return envelope and postage.

My first request to Mr. Worthington was about 18 years ago, which is true for many of the players that have cards in the 1958 Topps set.  I went after it hard when I first started this hobby, sending out nearly 500 requests in just six months.  I haven't come anywhere close to that rate since.