Friday, November 23, 2018

A Couple Paid Signings Returns

I've not sent out any requests for a long time, but I did send out to a few private signings.

Today I received two of those back.

I sent in a 1963 Topps for a Carl Yastrzemski signing.  I've got just a little over half of the 63 set signed, so a long way to go.

I also received three cards back from a Larry Hisle signing, including his 1972 Topps, 1978 Topps and 1978 Topps R.B.I. Leaders.


I need to keep my eyes out for a George Foster signing to complete the R.B.I. Leaders card.

I'm also at just over 50% on the 1972 set, and only at about 20% on the 1978 set.  Maybe I'll focus on the easy and free signers of the 1978 set this winter.