Monday, April 15, 2024

Colson and Palmer TTM Returns, Plummer Purchase

I received two ttm returns today and one purchase.

Loyd Colson signed his 1971 Topps and the 1971 Topps Yankees team card.  He also answered a question in my letter. 

And Jim Palmer signed a Hall of Fame postcard for his bargain-of-a-fee at $10.

An SCN friend of mine was at a big card show in Cincinnati a few weeks ago and found these Bill Plummer cards for me there.  Thanks, Jeff!!  Jeff is a big Reds collector, so I reached out to him after Plummer passed away to see if he had any dupes in his collection I could buy, but he ended up coming across these, which are great.

I have a lot of ttm requests out now so the returns should be steady for a while.  And as I mentioned before, I am participating in about 15 mail-in signings, most of which the last week of this month so those will be coming back as well.

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