Thursday, January 15, 2009

Yep, It's Cold - And Some TTM Returns

It was so cold here today that my kids' school was closed. Luckily, that freed them and my wife up to go to Target and buy the new TV stand. I was barely able to carry the old 32" CRT TV upstairs to the guest bedroom where it will probably rot. Tomorrow night I'll put the stand together and hopefully get the new TV up and running.

Today we had several returns. I say "we", because my older son got back the 1960 Sport Magazine he sent to Duke Snider. He was pretty excited to get it.

I had a few returns too. Billy Pierce signed the 1959 Topps "Ace Hurlers" that Robin Roberts signed a little while ago.

Ron Locke signed his 1965 Topps for me and wrote me a very nice note answering the question I asked in my letter regarding his career after his playing days. He also thanked me for remembering him!

Finally, Jim Rittwage signed his 1965 Topps that he shares with Ralph Gagliano. I'll send it off to Mr. Gagliano next week.

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