Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Carl Pohlad Passes Away

Long time Twins owner Carl Pohlad passed away yesterday at the age of 93. I've heard a lot of people complain about how cheap he was and that he didn't spend enough money on the payroll. I've always gotten some satisfaction that the Twins could perform well with a payroll so much lower than other teams. Also, I'm pretty sure you don't become a billionaire by spending a lot of money.

Anyway, I believe that his children have been running the team for quite some time as his health hasn't been very good in recent years, so I don't expect any changes in the way the team is run.

On a brighter note, I received one return in the mail today. Paul Foytack signed a 1959, 1960 and 1961 Topps for me. His pen looks like it's running low on ink, but they turned out okay.

I also noticed a few additions to the lineup at TwinsFest posted on the Twins' web site. Carlos Gomez and Delmon Young were added. I was really happy to see that because I need Young on an 8x10 and I don't have Gomez on anything yet, so I'll try to get him on at least one item, depending on how long his line is.

I'll probably get Delmon Young on a 2008 Goudey if I get in his line twice. Last year I got him on a 2007 Topps Heritage as well as a baseball.

I also noticed that they added Jim "Mudcat" Grant. I haven't seen him at TwinsFest the last two years and was happy to see that he'll be there. I have had him sign some items through mail-order signings including a 1965 Twins bobblehead, an 8x10 and a 1958 Topps. I'll try to get him to sign a 1965 Topps for my set.

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