Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Another TTM Return

Today I received one return in the mail. Dave Giusti signed a 1963 (pictured), 1965 and 1968 Topps for my collection.

This evening I packaged up my son's Sport Magazine to send off to Duke Snider. Johnny wrote a short note and we included $10. Hopefully he'll get that back before the end of the month.

I also received a bunch of cards I purchased from in preparation for TwinsFest. Sportlots is a great site for buying inexpensive and common cards and reasonable prices. Many of the cards I bought were less than 20 cents each and the postage is reasonable. The site allows anyone to be a seller and list all their cards. The trick is to try to select cards from as few sellers as possible to minimize postage costs which can be tricky sometimes.

Last night I also ordered a bunch of 8x10s from a seller on eBay. He is also going to get a few more Twins pictures in early next week so I'll get some more then too. I should end up with over 10 more signed 8x10s after TwinsFest is over.

Finally, I received two more full sized bats I ordered from Anderson. I ordered the black Rawlings bats. I like to get bats signed that are similar to what the players use. I'll use one of these for Denard Span if I get the chance.

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Tom said...

Nice! I need to send that card to be signed.