Friday, January 23, 2009

Purchases Received and off to TwinsFest

Today in the mail I received a couple of cards I bought through a contact on He has some relationship with Jaime Cocanower who is a very tough signer through the mail. I purchased a 1985 and 1987 Topps since I work on these sets a little here and there and thought this might be my only chance to get these.

I also received a PSA/DNA authenticated Carlton Fisk signed baseball that I bought on eBay. Another HOF'er to add to my collection!

My wife and older son are off to TwinsFest (they left about 2:45 pm). It's about 15 degrees here, but pretty windy, with wind chill values well below zero. They are pretty bundled up and hopefully they can find a spot in line that is shielded from the wind.

My younger son and I will leave at about 4:30, and hopefully we won't wait outside long, if at all.

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