Monday, January 26, 2009

Items From TwinsFest

Tonight I started the long process of cataloging all the items we got signed at TwinsFest. This involves scanning the flat items such as cards, magazines and pictures, and taking photos of the larger items like mini helmets and bats.

I then update the web site of the owner (me or one of my two sons) with the items. For my sons' web sites, I also include a picture of them getting the item signed, if I was able to get one.

I have photos of them getting most of their items signed, but occasionally there isn't enough time. For example, on the first night of TwinsFest, David and I decided not to go to the station containing Scott Baker, Mike Redmond, Alexi Casilla and Matt Guerrier because the line was too long. We went up to see Kent Hrbek and Tony Oliva instead. after getting through that line, we went back to the Dome floor to meet my wife and other son. We walked by the Baker/Redmond/Casilla/Guerrier station again, and there was nobody in line and only 5 minutes or less left. We ducked under the ropes and got right to the front of the line, struggling to get a mini helmet, photo and cards ready for David, and my items ready as well. We were a little slow, but got our items signed. In this situation, I had no time to take any photos, unfortunately.

Tonight I got a David's cards and photos scanned in. I had a lot of photos of him getting these signed, including Nick Blackburn, Kevin Slowey, and Denard Span, which I have included here.

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