Sunday, January 11, 2009

Finished The Basement

No news today on returns or requests. I forgot to mention that yesterday I finally sent off my 1965 Topps to Yogi Berra. But, we did put the final coat of paint on the basement today, so soon we can get the furniture back in order. I still have to decide where things will go.

I was watching the prices of LCD TVs, waiting for the big "sales" for the Super Bowl. Since I've already been watching the prices, I'll have a pretty good idea of how good the deals are. Well, so far I've looked at Amazon and Best Buy, and the prices are higher than they were last week! Looks like rather than try to entice people to buy a new TV, they're assuming people will anyway and don't feel they need to motivate us.

I'll wait. Maybe the real deals will come after the Super Bowl is over and they try to get rid of the current models.

One autograph-related item of note: I signed my sons up for a Mauer Hitting Clinic next Sunday. It's a two hour clinic that Joe and his family (Jake, Billy and Stephanie) put on each year. The description said each participant will be able to get one autograph. Hopefully next week I'll have pictures of my sons and Joe Mauer.

We have gotten Joe's autograph a couple of times at Dick's Sporting Goods. One time, both he and Morneau were signing. This was in May of 2006, before they were the big names they are today. As I recall, the line wasn't really that long.

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