Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Preparing For TwinsFest

No returns today. I don't have many out. I'll have to find some time this weekend to send out a few more requests.

Tonight my sons and I went through the current list of players scheduled to appear at TwinsFest and decided what we'll want to have them sign. We found cards for many of the players, a few 8x10s, and decided which players we'll have sign balls, bats and mini helmets. This helps us "pack" for the event.

When the Twins publish the actual groupings and times where players will be signing, we put all of the items we want to get signed in our own backpacks. My wife usually takes one son, and I take another because they want different players to sign. My older son likes the retired guys like Carew, Molitor and especially Killebrew. My younger son likes the current players like Cuddyer, Gomez and Young.

This works well for me as my wife could care less about autographs, so while she's taking my younger son through the lines, she also gets items signed for me, as long as I provide her with a very specific list of what to get signed by which player and make it as easy as possible.

It's actually a lot of work to make sure we have items for all the players to sign, and I think I stress out my wife and kids in the process, as well as myself, but we've had a lot of success in the past. Below is a picture of our "haul" from last year.

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