Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Photos and Magazines

I really like getting magazines signed by the players on the covers.  I was able to get a few of them signed at TwinsFest as well as a few photos.

The Twins Programs are great for getting signed.  I had Kurt Suzuki sign one from June with his picture on the cover.

Rod Carew signed the cover of a 1970 Twins yearbook.

Kent Hrbek signed the cover of a 1982 Baseball Digest.

Dan Gladden signed a Sports Illustrated from the 1987 World Series.

Joe Mauer signed a Sports Illustrated from 2009.  It would be great to see him play well enough to get on another cover!

Miguel Sano, Michael Tonkin and Mike Kvasnicka all signed 8x10 photos for me.

I scanned in all the cards I got signed and I'll post those in the next day or two.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

My TwinsFest Bobbleheads

There were only two things I wanted to get signed at TwinsFest that I didn't get done.  One was a mini helmet for Torii Hunter, and the other was the Tom Brunansky bobblehead.

I had good luck with other bobbleheads though.

On Friday evening, the first line I went through was Joe Mauer, who signed this bobblehead already signed by Justin Morneau through a FanHQ event.

Also on Friday, I was able to have Torii Hunter sign his Gold Glove Award bobblehead.

On Saturday, I was able to have Glen Perkins sign his bobblehead.

On Sunday, I made sure to see Hunter again to sign his 2003 stadium giveaway bobblehead.

Also on Sunday, I had Brian Dozier sign his season ticket holder bobblehead.  This one's a bit odd, as it's smaller than the others.

Lugging these around TwinsFest is a bit of a hassle, especially ones that have a bigger box, like the Mauer/Morneau and the Dozier bobbleheads. My son helped me carry a few on Friday by letting me put a couple in his backpack.

Monday, January 26, 2015

My Son's 2015 TwinsFest Autographs

John went with me on Friday night only this year, so the number of autographs he got is relatively small.

We got Joe Mauer and Kent Hrbek first, and John had Mauer sign a 2009 All Star Game ball and Hrbek sign a 1987 Topps.

We wanted to get Torii Hunter, but after the Mauer line we decided to get Brian Dozier, but his line was already really long, so we decided to skip it and get in the Hunter line.  It's a good think we did because the Hunter line got really long.  

Prior to the Hunter signing, Ervin Santana was signing and the line was really short, so John ran through that one.  John didn't ask him to sign the ball on the sweet spot, and he ended up signing the side panel.  In addition to Santana, the line had Jordan Schafer, B.J. Hermsen and Max Murphy. Corey Koskie was supposed to be there too but wasn't.  For those players that we didn't have anything for them to sign, we used a picture of Target Field.

We got through the Hunter line with no problem, and John had him sign his Gold Glove bobblehead.

Also in Hunter's line was Jacque Jones and Michael Tonkin.  Roy Smalley was scheduled, but didn't show.

After Hunter's line, we went to one more with Kennys Vargas, Kohl Stewart, J.R. Graham, Butch Davis and JT Bruett.

That's it for John's autographs this year.  Not too many, but we were happy to see Torii Hunter again.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

2015 TwinsFest Haul

It's not nearly as much as we usually have after three days, but I went alone two of the three days and on Friday I just had one son with me.

On the bright side, I didn't spend nearly as much as I normally do.

I had one more bobblehead I wanted to get signed (Brunansky) and I would have liked to get a mini helmet signed by Torii Hunter.  I also didn't get to see Trevor Plouffe who I'd like to get to sign a couple Topps Heritage cards.  Other than that, I ended up with more than I thought I would get.

On The Train

And not as exhausted as I thought I might be. Still tired though.

This is a picture of Sano signing my picture.

Tonight I'll take a picture of everything I got signed over the weekend and over the next few days I'll post each item individually.


I got Sano and Oliva, and I'm on my way to the train.

My View From The Line

In My Last Line

I finished with the Arcia line quickly and now I'm waiting for Tony Oliva and Miguel Sano.

It's been very easy to get through the lines today.

Made It Through Molitor and Buxton!

With no problem. There's 20 minutes left and almost no one in the line!

Done With The Perkins Line

I'm going to try for Molitor and Buxton. I'm at the end of the line, so I'm not sure I'll make it.

Lots of Media Here Of Course

Dick Bremer walked by a bit ago, and I just saw La Velle from the Star Tribune in the hall too and said hi to him.

Getting A Lot Done Today

I made it through the Santana line that also had Alex Meyer, then went through a line with Ricky Nolasco and Trevor May.

Now I'm waiting for Glen Perkins, Logan Darnell and A.J. Achter. It doesn't start for over 45 minutes though.

Taking A Breather

After going through Dozier's line twice, I'm waiting in the same area for Danny Santana. He starts in about 20 minutes.

It's noticeably less crowded today.

Went Through Dozier's Line Again

Trying to make some decent progress on the 2014 Topps Heritage set.

Done With Hunter's Line

After getting through Hunter's line very quickly, I headed off to Dozier's line and had him sign his bobblehead.

Almost Ready For Hunter's Line To Start

Made It Inside

I'm third In Line for Hunter!

TwinsFest Day Three

I had decided to leave 15 minutes later today but for whatever reason I'm on the same train as yesterday.

It's colder today. About 20 degrees with some wind. I'm not looking forward to standing outside for 45 minutes this morning.

My plan is to skip the first session and get in Torii Hunter's line right away to make sure I see him today.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

A Long Day

I made it through Carew's Line twice, and now I'm on the train. I'm really tired!

Carew's Line Has Moved Into The Room

I'm in the second row, so I won't have a problem getting through.

I Made a Little Detour

The line before Carew had Hughes and Gladden, so I went through that line and had Hughes sign his 2014 Topps Heritage and Gladden signed a Sports z Illustrated.

Now I'm in line for Carew. It's pretty long, but it shouldn't be a problem getting through since he's the only one signing.

Perkins signed my bobblehead

Now it's off to wait for Carew.

Got through Hick's line twice!

I had him sign his 2013 and 2014 Topps Heritage.

I only lost about 20 spots in the Perkins line by doing that.

And i finally get to sit down.

Almost through the Hicks line already

Now waiting for Hicks

This hour all the lines are just $5. I just got through the Nolasco line and then decided to get in line for Perkins, but the Aaron Hicks line is really short so i decided to have him sign his 2014 Topps Heritage.

I hope there's not a fire

It's Really Crowded

I don't think having two autograph lines in the basement along with the card show is a good idea. It's really hard to walk through here.

I just got through the line with Suzuki and now I'm waiting for Nolasco.

Suzuki line has started

Didn't Make It!

What a disappointment. 2 hours in line, and about the last 15 of us for cut off. Hunter had to be at a radio appearance.

I just got back in the same line for Suzuki, Rosario, Kvasnicka and Butch Davis.

In the last row of the line

But we're already 4 minutes passed the scheduled end time.

Still wondering

They're have announced the players will stay a little late, but i am still a ways away.

It's not looking good

Only 9 minutes left and i only made it half way through the room. I don't think I'll make it

This is kind of cruel

The line weaves right next to the players, but I still have a long ways to go.


Well, i just made it in the room and they cut it off three people in back of me.

Still no guarantee, but still a chance.

I can see the door now.

Still a long way to go, even once inside the room.

Still in line

It's really hard to tell how much further I have to go since the line winds through the card show area. The line's doesn't move for a while, then it moves up 50 feet.
I'll be very surprised if I make it.

Made It Through Mauer's Line

Now I'm in Torii Hunter's line, but I'm WAY back. I don't think I'll make it.

Oversized cards

Cool display lining the hallway outside the Mauer signing

Luckily they don't start at #1

In Line For Mauer

A little farther back than yesterday, but i should make it.

The Line Is Still Short

Just 20 minutes until the gates open and there are only about 50 people in line.

Maybe the other gate is more crowded, but I'm hoping it just isn't going to be so crowded today.

In Line To Get In

Just 20 people in front of me today. Maybe tomorrow I'll come a bit later.

On The Way To Day Two Of TwinsFest

I'm back on the train for the second day of TwinsFest. I hope to see Mauer first, and then Hunter.

Saturday is always the most crowded day, but we'll see how it goes. The last, I checked, they hadn't sold out for today, which they did last year.

Friday, January 23, 2015

On Our Way Home

We made it through the Vargas line which was a relief because it was really hot in there.

We're on the train home now.

When I get home, I'll try to rearrange my backpack quickly to prepare for tomorrow and get to sleep.

Made it through Hunter's Line

Then we took a tour of the clubhouse and now we're in line to see Vargas and Kohl Stewart.

In Line For Hunter, Jones, Smalley and Tonkin

Deep within the bowels of Target Field.

We're both having Hunter sign bobbleheads.

Santana ball

My son got through the Santana line, but he signed his ball on the side panel.

We're waiting for Hunter now and the line is huge, but we're towards the front and I think we'll make it.

Made it through the Mauer line

Finished the bobblehead already signed by Morneau.
The next line I wanted was huge,so now we're waiting for Torii Hunter.

In Mauer's Line

After much chaos and locked doors, we finally for up to the Mauer and Kent Hrbek line. We're a ways back, but I think we'll make it.

Not Many People In Line

I thought the warmer weather would bring out more people but there's only about 30 people in front of us.

We got here about an hour early.

I'm hoping to get Mauer but I'm on the other side of the stadium from his station.

Passing The New Vikings Stadium

The view from the train

This is the warmest TwinsFest day I can remember.

On Our Way To TwinsFest

We decided to take the light rail today. Today my older son is joining me but I'll be by myself the rest of the weekend.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Ron Lewis and Jim Merritt

It's been a bit of a dry spell lately.  But today I received two returns, which both happened to contain signed 1972 Topps.

Jim Merritt signed his 1972 Topps.

Ron Taylor signed his 1963, 1964 and 1972 Topps as well as a 1969 Mets Ron Lewis postcard.  He also included a signed card of his own.

I believe I'm all set for TwinsFest.  The schedules are out and they're similar to last year, where they mixed the prospects with current players and retired players.  I'm not a fan of this arrangement at all.