Saturday, December 09, 2017

Max Kepler Ball from FanHQ

I recently ordered a Max Kepler signed ball from Fan HQ and received it this week.  The signature is nice but there's a blue smudge on the panel below the sweet spot.  Not too big a deal, but I expect a little more from Fan HQ.  It's not worth trying to return.

With Rawlings official balls selling for about $20 each these days, I think my days of getting balls signed are limited to the stock I have on hand which includes some older ROMLB, a few Metrodome commemorative balls and some Rawlings Gold Glove balls.

I have not done any autograph requests lately.  I'm just too busy with other things and not interested in spending too much money.

I originally started this hobby to get a lot of the players form the 40's, 50's and 60's.  Unfortunately, there are fewer and fewer of those players around these days, and I have many of their autographs already.  I think my collecting hobby will be largely limited to the Twins moving forward.

I'll still work on my 1958 and 1965 sets, buying authenticated cards a I can.

Saturday, October 07, 2017

Bat Display Case Finally Up

I bought a bat display case several weeks ago and finally got around to hanging it yesterday.

It holds five bats, and I've put my Morneau, Molitor, Mauer, Killebrew and Carew bats in it for now.

I may buy another case just like this one but I'm not sure where I'll be able to hang it.  I had to take down my Mauer signed jersey to make room for this and still need to find another place for that as well.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

A Couple 1972 Purchases

Still no ttm sent out or received, but I did receive a couple signed 1972 Topps that I bought on Ebay from Tom Orr at Atommic Sports.

After scanning it in, I realized I already had the Tony La Russa card.  I purchased it from Mickey's a while ago.  The signature is quite different, so I looked on Ebay for certified examples and found that there are several different versions that all appear to be legit.

Anyway, this one is signed nicely.

I also bought a card signed by Tom Haller, who passed away in 2004.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

A Few Signed Volpe Prints from 1964

I've been working on the 1963 and 1964 Western Oil Nicholas Volpe Twins prints for several years.  I've done much better on the 1963 set.  I was able to find a bunch of unsigned prints and get them signed ttm.

I have a harder time finding the 1964 prints, either signed or unsigned.  When I saw fellow Twins fan Randy selling a few signed ones from the 1964 set I didn't hesitate to bid on them.

I prefer to have them signed within the picture as opposed to in the margin, but at this point I'm becoming less choosy.

The Mincher one is perfect.  Signed nicely in blue.  Mincher was a good signer ttm but passed away several years ago.

Rollins is a good signer ttm but I just haven't been able to come across any prints so I bought this one signed.

Roland is a spotty signer ttm, so again, I bought this since I can't find any unsigned copies to try to send ttm.

Check out Randy's other stuff at this link on Ebay.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Red Schoendienst - 1952 Topps

I haven't done any TTM requests but I did send in one card to an Atommic Sports signing with Red Schoendienst, who signed my 1952 Topps.

Who would have thought at the beginning of the year that the Twins would have a shot at the playoffs?  The wildcard spot is theirs to lose.  I suppose we'll win the wildcard spot and lose to the Yankees in the play-in game.

Just like old times...

Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Finally Something to Post

I have been very inactive in the hobby lately so I haven't had anything to post.

Last year, I sent in a couple of cards to a Rusty Staub signing via Atommic Sports.  Unfortunately, Mr. Staub was unable to make the signing and the rescheduled signing just occurred.

I had Mr. Staub sign his 1963 and 1965 Topps.  I"m still very short of my goals for the year, but this gets me a little closer to my 1965 set goal.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Les Straker Bobblehead

Here's a picture of the Les Straker bobblehead I got signed today.  He seemed surprised to see the bobblehead.  I'm guessing he hasn't signed a lot of these.

Well that happened quickly

Even though I was way back in line, I ended up getting to go to the front of the line since I was just getting one item signed.

There was a small card show.  I piked up a Sports Illustrated from 1976 with Reggie Jackson on the cover for $2, as well as a few 1954 Topps for $2 each.  I also picked up a 1987 Topps set for a friend for $5.

20 minutes in, still haven't moved

They claim everyone will get through in an hour, but one - third through the event and the line hasn't moved. 

Waiting in line for Straker

It seems a little chaotic, but it should start soon.  There are over 20 people signing so it will bee interesting to see how this goes.