Friday, January 20, 2017

Al Luplow Return

Another return today.  Two in one week!

Al Luplow signed his 1963 and 1964 Topps.   I haven't sent to Mr. Luplow before.  It's nice to add a few players I don't already have.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

My First Return of 2017

Today I received my first return of the year: Ken MacKenzie.

Mr. MacKenzie was kind enough to sign his 1963 and 1964 Topps.  This helps me get one of the five cards I set as a goal for the 1963 set for the year.  I'm wondering if five was too low of a goal.

I spent some time on Ebay looking for cards I need to send out for my sets.  Many of the cards I need are short prints/hi number cards, so it's going to be expensive.

I'm about ready for TwinsFest.  I have all the cards I'm going to have by that time after ordering a bunch of minor league cards of many of the players that I didn't have anything else for them to sign.

I don't have any must-haves this year.  I do have a Kent Hrbek bobblehead I'd like to get signed, but that shouldn't be a problem, unless they group him with someone super popular.

Monday, January 02, 2017

My 2017 Collecting Goals

My 2017 goals won't be much different than my 2016 goals.  I have decided not to try to set a goal for TTM requests.  Most of the cards I need now will probably have to be bought. 

I've also tried not to set goals that will require me to spend a ton of money, but we'll see how that goes.

So, here they are:

Goal - Add three signed cards to my 1958 set.

Goal - Add 10 signed cards to my 1961 set.  I haven't worked on this very seriously so this will be a bit different this year.

Goal - Add five signed cards to my 1963 set.

Goal - Add five signed cards to my 1965 set.

Goal - Add 10 signed cards to my 1972 set.

Goal - Add two signed bobbleheads to my collection.

That's it.  It doesn't sounds like much, but I've made good progress on many of my sets over the years and the remaining cards are getting expensive.

I do intend to go to TwinsFest later this month for at least two of the days.  So far though, I don't think that event will help me make any progress on these goals, with the possible exception of the bobbleheads. 

Sunday, January 01, 2017

Happy New Year! Review of 2016 Goals

Happy New Year to all my readers. Both of you :-)

I didn't do very well on my 2016 goals.  Mainly because I just didn't get very excited about the 1978 Topps set I thought I'd work on.  I really prefer the older players from the 1950's and 1960's.  Unfortunately, we've been losing quite of few of those guys.

Here's how I did:

Goal - Add three cards to my 1958 set. - I met this goal by adding four cards.

Goal - Add 10 cards to my 1963 set. - I met this goal by adding 12 cards.

Goal - Add 5 cards to my 1965 set. - I only added one card to this set this year!!!

Goal - Add 10 cards to my 1972 set. - I added exactly 10, so I met this goal.

Goal - Add 75 cards to my 1978 set. - I only added 16.  I made one or two mailings in the first half of the year but lost interest after that.

Goal - Send out 150 TTM requests - I only sent out 52, and so far have my lowest annual return rate at just 75%.  I usually have a success rate of over 90%.

Goal - Get two bobbleheads signed. - I didn't get any signed.

Goal - Get three magazines signed ttm - I didn't send out any.

I have to give some thought to my 2017 goals.  I am going to TwinsFest this year, so I might have a chance at a couple bobbleheads, although I'm running out of bobbleheads to get signed.

It's also getting tough to make much progress on my sets.  Most of my new additions are purchases, as I've sent out to most of the good signers already.

I think the highlight of my year for TTM successes was completing the 1960 Pitching Leaders card:

The highlight of my purchases was the four vintage bobbleheads I purchased off Craigslist just a couple months ago:

Friday, December 30, 2016

Chuck Scrivener Return

I probably received my last return of 2016 today.  Odds are very slim that I'll get one tomorrow.

Chuck Scrivener signed his 1978 Topps that I sent to him very early in January of 2016.  Probably my first request, and my last return of the year.

I came up short on most of my goals for the year.  I'll update the details over the weekend.

Monday, December 26, 2016

1958 Topps Carlton Willey for Christmas

It's been really slow lately as I haven't sent out any requests.  I am starting to gear up a bit for TwinsFest next month.  I'll be going a couple days with my nephew this year.  So far the lineup looks okay.  Matt Lawton is a player I've never met who is scheduled to be there, as is Eric Milton.  I like when they bring in some of the players from 10-20 years ago.  I hope they'll add more.

Today I received another card for my 1958 Topps set from my sister as a Christmas gift: Carlton Willey.

Monday, December 05, 2016

Eddie Robinson - 1952 Topps

I received a great return from Eddie Robinson today, who signed his 1952 Topps in just over a month.

Mr. Robinson was on the 1948 Cleveland Indians team that won the World Series.  He was on TV at game 6 this year hoping the Indians would finally win another.  Too bad he wasn't able to witness them win it this year.