Saturday, January 24, 2009

TwinsFest - Day Two

Day two of TwinsFest went much better for us than day one. First off, we arrived right as the doors opened, and had to wait about 10-15 minutes while the line outside filtered into the Dome. We immediately went to Harmon Killebrew's line. Mr. Killebrew is my older son's favorite player of all time. To make up for yesterday's Mauer/Morneau debacle, my younger son and I joined Johnny and my wife in line. My younger son has no interest in anyone that isn't currently playing and that he hasn't watched play himself. So of the four autographs we got, three were for Johnny. Johnny and I each got our 1955 Topps rookie cards signed (mine is pictured), and Johnny also got a magazine and a mini helmet signed.

Johnny and my wife also got Rod Carew, Bert Blyleven, Tony Oliva, Brian Buscher and Craig Breslow. Meanwhile, David and I got Nick Blackburn, Mike Redmond, Denard Span, Brian Buscher and Craig Breslow.

Later we switched and I went with Johnny to wait in a very long line for Joe Nathan, which we got through surprisingly quickly, while my wife took David to go play some games on the Dome floor. Johnny and I then went to a line with Matt Guerrier, Brendan Harris, and Nick Punto. At the last minute, David decided he wanted to go through that line too, and just made it.

During the morning, I was able to get Johnny a signed ball by Bob Feller, who was on hand, and told me that the weather was almost as cold as the time he spent on a particular trip in the Navy during World War Two somewhere near Russia. Also, Ferguson Jenkins was there, signing at a booth so I got Johnny a ball from him as well. Again, David had no interest, and preferred to pay five dollars to spin a wheel for a 1:40 chance to win a prize that he didn't even really want. But he really loves it. Hopefully it doesn't turn into a gambling problem.

All in all, an exhausting day. The place was more crowded than I have ever seen it. The busiest time appears to be Saturday from 11:00 - 2:00. During this time, you might as well be standing in a line somewhere because it's just too crowded to move.

A few no-shows were disappointing. Michael Cuddyer is sick. Alexi Casilla didn't show today, although he was there yesterday, and Delmon Young has not been there either.

I'm going back again tomorrow. So far I have gotten two more bobbleheads signed from my 1987 Twins set, including Roy Smalley and Kent Hrbek. Tomorrow I hope to add Tom Kelly as well. Other targets include Cory Koskie and Harmon Killebrew.

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