Sunday, January 04, 2009

A Lazy Sunday

I didn't do any work on the basement today. I need to sand the holes I patched and then wash the walls and I'll be ready to paint.

Last night I ordered about 60 baseball cards from in preparation for TwinsFest. I ordered enough for me and my kids, and possibly an extra for me if my wife goes through the line. There are a lot of minor leaguers on the list that I couldn't find any cards for, so I"m not sure what I'll have them sign if I go through their line. Last year I used a generic Twins logo picture for the people I didn't have an item to sign. I'll have to try to find something like that again.

Yesterday my older son wrote a couple of requests. One to Duke Snider for the magazine he picked up earlier this week (pictured here), and one to Stan Musial, who won't sign your card through the mail, but will send back a signed stats postcard.

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