Saturday, January 03, 2009

Progress on the Basement

The Metrodome Banners I bought earlier this week helped give me a little more motivation to work on my basement. I disassembled the remaining desk and hauled all the pieces out to the shed. I removed all the existing pictures on the walls (about 15 of them) as well as the TV that was mounted to the wall. I boxed up all of my bobbleheads (about 35 of them) and put them away. I've added a picture here of the bookcase I have my 1987 Twins bobblehead collection in and you can also see some of the pictures on the wall that I had to take down. Also note the dartboard that will not be going back on the wall.

I then patched all the holes in the walls, which was no easy task considering how bad my kids are at darts. Even the plastic tipped darts leave holes in the wall. I now still need to sand the patched holes, wash the walls and then paint.

We're also still trying to decide how to arrange the room. There's a post that is in a pretty inconvenient position when trying to position a couch. I'm also thinking we'll replace the old 32" CRT TV with a flat screen eventually, so I'm trying to decide where I'll hang that.

I didn't receive any responses in the mail, although I did send out nine more requests yesterday, as well as a 2008 Goudey for a Stan Musial signing. I'm still anxiously awaiting my 1965 Topps from Whitey Ford on which he signed the penny sleeve the first time I sent it.

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