Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Couple More '65s

Through a contact on, I was able to get a couple more 1965 Topps signed for a reasonable price. This person has a contact that works at one of the big shows, and is able to get cards signed at a discount.

I got Willie McCovey and Red Schoendienst. I was trying to get Juan Marichal as well, but he had to reschedule so I'm hopingI'll get that one signed in February. I also sent in a 1979 Topps card for Ozzie Smith, but he couldn't get that one signed.

I still have a 1965 Topps out to Whitey Ford and I'm a little surprised I haven't gotten it back yet, it's making me a little nervous. I included a check which has not yet been cashed.

I sent out over 20 letters this week so I should start seeing quite a few returns towards the end of next week.

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