Thursday, November 13, 2008

Fan Favorite - Al Kaline

Like Duke Snider, Al Kaline is another Hall of Famer who is an excellent signer through the mail. I have several items signed through the mail by Mr. Kaline.

I always send the items in care of the Detroit Tigers, as he is almost automatic from that address. I include $5 for cards, and $10 for larger items, such as baseballs or magazines.

There are a lot of great old magazines with Kaline on the cover. I have a Sports illustrated from 1964 with a great picture of him swinging on the cover. There's another with him and Denny McClain as Denny got his 30th win in 1968, which I have been meaning to buy and get signed by both of them.

Like Snider, Al Kaline is an autograph that every collector should have in their collection.

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