Sunday, November 30, 2008

Card Show Finds

My older son and I went to the Twin Cities Sports Collectors Club card show at the Valley West Mall in Bloomington yesterday.

We did pretty well. Johnny bought a few newer Harmon Killebrew cards (his favorite player). We also got some Denard Span cards for all of us, including my younger son David. Johnny also picked up a nice World Series program from 1987 for $5.

I also got a great deal on three old Sports Illustrated Magazines. The first is a 1977 with Rod Carew and Ted Williams on the cover. Maybe I'll get this signed at TwinsFest. Although it has a label, it's in good condition and was just $4.

I also bought one from 1961 with Cookie Lavagetto on the cover, the Twin's first manager. It has a label also, but for $3, I couldn't pass it up.

The last is from 1969, with Billy Manager, the Twin's manager at the time, on the cover. Another one in great condition with a label, and only $3.
Obviously I can't get the two older ones signed, but for those prices, they are fun to read and will display nicely with the rest of my Twins collection.

Despite being the weekend after Thanksgiving, the show had plenty of dealers. I bought about 40 cards from a single dealer who I usually see at this show and the one periodically held at Har Mar. He has a lot of low to mid grade cards and commons from the 50's and 60's at very reasonable prices. I picked up a dozen or so cards from 1960 for $1 each and a couple from 1954 for $2.

After the show, Johnny and I ate too much at Famous Dave's, then went home to join the rest of the family in our search for this year's Christmas tree.

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