Friday, November 21, 2008

5 Successes - 1 Failure

Today I got back 6 returns. 5 of them successes, and 1 failure. I'm not sure why, but I sent Matt Batts a 1954 Topps and it was returned in my sase unsigned. No note or explanation. Hopefully he is healthy and doing well. I'll watch the returns on SCN and if I see more successes, I'll resend. Maybe it was a mistake.

I received 11 signed cards in the 5 successes.

Billy Gardner signed a '55 and '59 Topps. Mr. Gardner is a former manager of the Twins.

Ned Garver signed a '58 and '59 Topps.

Bill Renna signed a '56 and '59 Topps.

Eddie Yost signed a '56 and '59 Topps.

And finally, Jerry Lumpe signed a '61 Topps, '61 Topps "A's Big Armor" and '64 Topps.

I also received my new laptop today. It's pretty big, which is fine because I don't carry it around much. The 17" screen is great, as is the full size keyboard with number pad. I haven't used it much but booted it up, registered it and got the wireless connection working. I'll play with it more tomorrow. Hopefully, I'll have a few more successes tomorrow as well.

I'm especially looking forward to getting back the bobblehead from Frank Viola and I have a couple of longshots I sent recently. I sent a card to Grady Sizemore last Friday. I have seen many successes on SCN lately, so hopefully I wasn't too late and he's still signing. I also saw that Mike Mussina is signing. He just announced his retirement and is in the news a lot. Hopefully he isn't so flooded with requests that he stops signing.

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