Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bob Gibson In The Mail Today

While it's not exactly a ttm success, I received a ball signed by Bob Gibson today. A fellow SCN member, who was volunteering at an event for the Special Olympics in Kansas where Bob Gibson was signing, took other members' items to the event to be signed.

I had Mr. Gibson add his "HOF" inscription. This is my 49th baseball signed by a Hall of Famer.

Unfortunately, I didn't get any of my ttm requests back today as I expected. I'm sure tomorrow will be a big day. Thursdays are usually the biggest day of the week for returns. I wouldn't be surprised if I get back 4 or 5 tomorrow.


Mac Noland said...

"Thursdays are usually the biggest day of the week for returns." - Do you have any thoughts why this might be?

Droidtrader said...

I don't know yet. He might just be the pattern that follows if I send out on the same day of the week often. So, let's say I send requests on Mondays usually, and it takes x days to get to the player, a day for them to sign, and x days to get back to me, it happens to be 10 days, which would be Thursday. If I'm ever really bored, I'll try to analyze my requests to see if thee is a pattern to when I send them.