Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sad News

In the last couple of days we lost two players.

Herb Score, a pitcher and broadcaster for the Indians passed away. He was a dominant lefty until, in 1957, Gil McDougald hit a line drive into Score's eye, ending his season. He was never the same pitcher after that.

Another dominant pitcher, Elwin "Preacher" Roe, TSN's Pitcher of the Year in 1951, passed away on Sunday.

Both players were generous signers through the mail and I have several cards in my collection signed by them. It's a depressing part of the hobby when these great old players pass away. On several occasions, I have sent autograph requests only to receive a kind note from their widow thanking me for remembering them, along with a copy of their obituary.

I didn't get to packaging up the bobblehead for Frank Viola, because I need to buy some bubble wrap first, and probably some postage for the return box. I did, however, get 10 new requests ready to mail out. I put them in the mailbox today, but since it's Veteran's Day, the mail didn't go out. I'll probably get another 10 ready to go tonight.

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