Sunday, November 02, 2008

Future Hall of Famers

I got one return in the mail yesterday - Danny Murphy signed his 1961 Topps rookie card. This was a tough one to get, as I had two previous RTS (Return To Sender) based, I think, on a wrong apartment number. You'd think if I got it that close, that the PO could get it there.

I also received 33 cards that I bought on eBay so as soon as I have some time, I can start sending those out. One of those cards is a 1965 Topps Camilo Pascual. I've seen some recent successes from him on, so I"m going to send this card and a 1956 Topps along with a little cash to see if I can get them signed.

Today, I thought I'd start showing a little video of some future Hall of Famers (my kids). Today is a video of my older son John playing in the "August Classic" tournament, which is like an All-Star tournament at the end of the season. The coaches pick 2-3 kids from their team to play, and they are combined with kids from other teams. John is a catcher, 10 years old during this tournament, and this play shows a base hit going to shallow right-center field, with a great throw coming home to the plate and Johnny making the tag.

The video is shot through a fence, which makes it look like the game is being played in a prison yard, and I couldn't zoom in because then the camera would focus on the fence. But, I think you will be able to see it well enough to get the idea.

Please let me know if you have any trouble viewing this video. It's my first attempt adding video to this blog. It works fine for me, but if you are having trouble viewing it, please leave a comment or email me at


swedeski said...

Video worked fine for me. That was a great play by John.

Mac Noland said...

Video came through just fine via Google Reader. Great play!