Sunday, November 09, 2008

Flea Market Finds

I spent about an hour at an indoor flea market at the Mayo Civic Center in Rochester, Minnesota today. I picked up a 1973 Sports Illustrated with Bill Melton on the cover for $1. I also bought my older son a 1963 Sport Magazine with Whitey Ford on the cover. It wasn't in great shape but didn't have a mailing label. It has a line/crease down the middle, but it was just $7, so it's worth it even just for reading and making fun of the people in the ads.

I was away from home over the weekend and came home to a package I received from Steiner. I bought a black & white 16x20 of Bill Mazeroski's homer in the 1960 World Series, signed by Johnny Blanchard, who was the catcher at the time. Maybe I'll see if I can get Mazeroski to sign it too.

I also bought a signed, black & white 8x10 of Bobby Thomson's homer in 1951 to clinch the pennant for the Giants. I guess I didn't realize the common theme of these pictures until I starting writing this entry. Both were excellent players. In fact, Mazeroski's in the Hall of Fame. But both are remembered mostly for a single swing of the bat.

I will probably start sending out a couple dozen requests through the mail this week. I'll have to lay off the purchases for a while and start saving up for TwinsFest next January. I'll need to buy some bats, photos, and cards as well as save up for the signing fees. With four of us attending (my wife goes through the lines for me), it adds up pretty quickly.

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