Monday, January 24, 2022

Chuck Knoblauch 1991 Twins Poster

Last month I posted about a poster I got signed by Shane Mack via FanHQ. 

Today I received the second poster from this set that I've gotten signed.  This time by Chuck Knoblauch, via Jamie Blye.  This was a much smoother signing, as I just decided to have it signed in blue rather than risk another issue with silver on these posters.  While there are some light scratches on this poster, it's not as bad as this picture makes it look, since the light hit them at just the right angle so as to highlight them.

I still haven't decided how to store or display these due to their odd size (7" x 18").  I have one box that fits these exactly, which I intend to use for mailing them out when I get them signed.  It's already got several layers of tape on it though.


Crocodile said...

Nice! Good luck completing this set.

Droidtrader said...

@Crocodile Thanks!