Sunday, January 02, 2022

2021 Goal Results

I'm still thinking about my goals for 2022, but here's how I did on my goals for 2021: 

Goal:  Add 10 cards to my 1965 set.

    Progress: I added 12 signed cards to my set.

Goal: Add 25 cards to my 1971 set. 

    Progress: I added 77 cards to this set but had to spend some money to get this done.  I'll probably slow down on this set quite a bit now.

Goal:  Add 15 cards to my 1972 set.

    Progress: I added 21 cards to this set this year.

Goal: Add 50 cards to my 1978 set.

    Progress: I completed this goal by adding 68 cards to this set.

Goal: Add 5 signed baseballs to my collection.

    Progress:  I added exactly five signed balls to my collection this year.

Goal:  Add 5 signed magazines to my collection.

    Progress: I added five signed magazines this year/

Goal: Send out 200 requests.

    Progress: I sent out 370 requests this year.  The most I've sent since 2004, when I sent 491 requests in my second year in this hobby.

So, I met all my goals for the year.  But I spent too much money getting them done.  I think for 2022 I'll focus on some sets that I already have and try to avoid too many paid signings or players that charge ttm.  I always say that, but we'll see if I can follow through on it.



GTT said...

Congrats on reaching all your goals! And have a happy new year!

Droidtrader said...

@GTT - Thank you! Happy New Year to you as well!