Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Bat Display Cases

I didn't receive any autographs in the mail today, so I thought I'd post about some changes I made to the basement where I display as much of my collection as I can.

It's mostly centered on Twins players, but I have a few vintage items displayed, as well as one display case in the corner with some of my Mego action figures and Star Wars toys.  I wish I had another level in the house to display more of those items, but I'm lucky I have as much room as I do.

Anyway, I got tired of my autographed bats gathering dust while being stacked up in the corner of the room so over the holidays, I ordered an eight-pack of bat display cases from Michael's.

The quality of these cases isn't the highest.  In fact, one of them has some pretty bad gouges on the front edge where there was some issue with the router rounding off the corners.  It was painted over, packaged and shipped, so quality control isn't very good either.  I didn't bother trying to return it.  It is hung very close to the ceiling so it's not very noticeable.

The best part about these cases is their price.  Purchased as an 8-pack, I paid less than $25 each including shipping and tax.  They are also quite flexible, meaning you can hang them horizontally or vertically, and change the direction in which the bat lies by switching two plates that hold either the fat or skinny part of the bat.

I hung all eight of them the other day, making use of some wall space close to the ceiling where many other items wouldn't display well.  Hanging them was easy, with just two screws needed for each one.  A couple of them do hang over the couch, so hopefully a falling case doesn't cause a concussion at some point.

These eight individual cases join two five-bat displays I already have on the wall.

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