Saturday, October 15, 2022

Joey Jay Partial Success

Back in June of this year, I sent two cards and $10 to Joe(y) Jay.  In September, I received my money and unsigned cards back in my sase with no note or explanation.  Not that he owes me an explanation, but sometimes a relative may let fans know that the player is traveling, too sick to sign, has moved, etc.  But not in this case.

I noticed other returns being returned without being signed around the same time, so I assumed the 87-year-old may be done signing.  However, I then started seeing other successes being posted in the following weeks.

So, I decided to try again.  I sent this 1962 Topps along with a 1954 Johnston's Cookies card and $10 cash.  Today, I received the 1962 signed and the 1954 card unsigned.  Again, no note or explanation.

I think I will wait a couple months, perhaps until the new year, and send another request with just the Johnston's Cookies card $10, instead of just $5.  I'd really like to get this card signed.  I love the old, oddball cards like this.  

His signature looks just like it did 18 years ago when I sent him my first request, a 1958 Topps, so I don't see any obvious indication of health issues, as is sometimes noticeable with shaky signatures when players get older or who have had serious injuries. 

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GTT said...

That Johnston Cookies is a really cool looking card - hope you can get it signed!