Thursday, October 27, 2022

Former-Twin Denny Hocking - 2003 Topps TTM Return

Denny Hocking signed his 2003 Topps for me which I received back today.

All of a sudden, I have become nostalgic for the 2003 set.  The first ttm requests I sent out back in June of 2003 were some 2003 Topps to current Twins players.  I received two of those back in just 4 days (I lived about 30 miles from the stadium) and I was hooked!  Those two players were Brad Radke and Jacque Jones.  I found this to be amazing and I was hooked!  Corey Koskie also returned my cards, but it took him 16 months, and Torii Hunter never returned my request.  No surprise, as he was a fan favorite and was probably drowning in fan mail.

After the recent Shannon Stewart signing, at which I was fortunate enough to get him to sign his card from the set, I decided to try to get the entire team set signed.  I didn't have the unsigned cards lying around so, after a few orders later, I'm ready to get going.

Between 2003 and now, I've managed to get quite a few signed:

Flipping through the cards I bought, it looks like I still need the following players:

  • Chris Gomez
  • LaTroy Hawkins
  • Torii Hunter (on two cards)
  • Bobby Kielty
  • Joe Mays
  • Doug Mientkiewicz
  • Dustan Mohr
  • David Ortiz (probably not!)
  • J.C. Romero
  • Joe Mauer
  • Justin Morneau
  • Tony Fiore
  • Johan Santana
Some of these guys might be hard to track down and if I get the chance to see some of the stars, I'm not sure this set would make the cut as to what I'm willing to pay for and what other items I'd rather get signed.  But it's something to work on.  I might also try to upgrade a few of the ones signed in black or red.

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Crocodile said...

Ortiz really seems to hold a grudge with the Twins, so yep that will be tough to get.