Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Johnson, Kobel and Rivers TTM Returns

I received three more returns today.

Dave (Davey) Johnson signed his 1967 Topps (featuring the Topps All-Star Rookie Trophy) and his 1985 Topps which he inscribed without me asking, which was nice.

Kevin Kobel signed his 1975 Topps for me.  He didn't return the 1976 Topps I had enclosed.  Last time I sent him a request, he also kept the 1976 Topps as well as a 1976 team card.  I looked at his history on SCN, and he does sign his 1976 card, so I guess if I want it signed, I'll have to send just that card alone in a request.

Finally, Mickey Rivers signed his 1972 Topps for his $15 fee.  I've had this card sitting around forever, I just didn't want to spend the money, but I decided to finally get it done.  I think it looks nice.

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