Thursday, May 05, 2022

Another Dennis Eckersley Return

I'm loading up on Dennis Eckersley cards while he's still signing through the mail for a reasonable price ($10 per).  This time he signed his 1985 and 1987 Topps for my sets in just 7 days!  I haven't worked on these sets much but am taking the opportunity to get stars and Hall of Famers when inexpensive opportunities arise.

I saw that Orlando Cepeda is signing through the mail, also for $10 each, which is incredible.  I've got three cards out to him, which were all the cards I had on hand.  I hope he continues for a while longer.

I've also got another card out to Bill Mazeroski.  I'm hoping to upgrade the 1958 Topps he signed for me back in 2003 ttm.  It's a nice signature, but the card is off-center, which drives me crazy.  I think I'd rather have a crease on the card than it be off-center.

I sent out about 20 requests in the last week so my returns should be steady for a while.

I also bought more vintage, discounted stamps on Etsy to save a little money and to make my requests stand out a little bit.

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