Thursday, May 12, 2022

If I Could Go Back in Time...

Despite having many outstanding requests, I didn't receive any back today, so I thought I'd highlight some cards already in my collection.

If I knew in 2003 what I know now, I'd probably be broke.  But I'd have an amazing collection.

I often regret not sending out more of certain cards, or to certain players.  Players like Yogi Berra and Phil Rizzuto.

I really like the vintage oddball cards that weren't produced strictly as a baseball card for purchase, but as a premium for another product.

For example, baseball cards were produced to promote Red Heart dog food in 1954.  I think I have just three of these cards signed: Al Dark, Carl Erskine and Billy Pierce.

The cards themselves aren't terribly expensive.  You can buy a Carl Erskine card on Ebay for about $25-$30 and get it signed for another $5.  Erskine might be the last living player from that set.  There are only 33 cards in the set, but if I had set my mind to it, I could have easily gotten players like Gil McDougald, George Kell, Minnie Minoso, Al Rosen, Eddie Yost, and Gus Zernial through the mail, and players like Schoendienst and Musial at mail-in signings.  I think it would have been a reasonable goal to get 20 of 33 cards signed if you started in the early 2000's

I also like the Red Man Tobacco cards from the early to mid 50's.  Coincidently, they fit, just barely, in a #6 3/4 envelope, so they aren't a hassle to send ttm.

I think I have just seven of these signed.  I wish I had focused on them more.  They feature great players, but also include players that were good free or low-cost ttm signers.  Players like Al Rosen, Eddie Robinson, Bobby Shantz and Mickey Vernon.  I'd like to have a couple dozen more of these, but I didn't get around to it, I guess.

Some of the oddball cards were produced as stand-alone products but were just different than the standard card everyone is used to.

The 1964 Topps Stand Ups that I've been collecting lately, for example, as well as the 1955 Topps Doubleheader cards, of which I only have one.  Again, I wish I had focused on these sets years ago and gotten more of them signed ttm.


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