Tuesday, March 02, 2021

Larry Elliot and Some Spring Training Returns - Dobnak and Stashak

I received three returns today.

Larry Elliot signed his 1967 Topps, along with a 1963 Topps already signed by Kostro and Simpson.  Ruiz has passed away, so this card is now retired.

I haven't ever had very good luck sending out to Spring Training, but each year I try to send a handful to Twins or former-Twins players that appear at least 50% signers.

I've sent out five Spring Training requests this year and today I received two of those back.

I sent Randy Dobnak this card to his home address hoping to catch him before spring training, but this was postmarked from Tampa so he must have taken his mail with him or had it forwarded.

Cody Stashak also signed and returned a 2020 Topps Heritage card for me.  This was also postmarked from Tampa.

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