Saturday, March 27, 2021

Bill Lee and Sam Perlozzo

I received an odd but generous return from Bill Lee today.  I had sent him his 1973, 1976 and 1978 Topps cards, all of which are from when he was with the Red Sox.

He signed and returned his 1973 and 1978 cards, but didn't return the card from 1976.  In sharpie on the back of my SASE, he wrote, "1 card free each team.  $5.00 extras.  1 card --> 2 Cuba!!!"

Fair enough.  I take this to mean that he'll sign for free as long as each card is from when he was with a different team, and if you want more than that, each additional one is $5.  And since I didn't send $5 he sent my third card to Cuba (or more likely threw it in a drawer or something).  He was kind enough to sign the two for me even though they're both from the same team.

I also received a return from former-Twin Sam Perlozzo, which signed his 1978 Topps that I recently got signed by Dave Oliver, and his 1979 Topps.

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