Monday, March 22, 2021

Gaylord Perry Purchase

I've sent to Gaylord Perry a few times over the years with good success.  For a long time, he charged $15 per card.  But according to some returns on SCN, he now charges $30, and it appears his signature has deteriorated a bit.

I found this card on Ebay from a reputable seller and this signature matches up really well with ones I've gotten back in the past.  I bought this for about $10 less than his new fee.

This card helped me reach my goal for the year of adding 25 more signed cards to my 1971 set.  I still have several more in the mail but I might relax on sending out any more that I have to pay fees for, and concentrate on my 1978 set.

I sent out nine more requests today and have a few cards pulled, ready to be sent out.

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