Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Will Bert Make the Hall of Fame This Year?

The annual article regarding Bert Blyleven's chances for making the Hall of Fame has been published. I consider this the official sign that winter has begun. That, combined with the 3-4 inches of snow that fell last night, has me ready to hibernate.

Although I don't think he'll make it this year, I think he will in the next couple of years. Last year, Jim Rice and Andre Dawson had higher vote percentages. I think Rice will get in this year, and maybe Dawson, but probably not Blyleven. He has four chances left to get voted in by the writers.

I think Bert should be in the Hall, unfortunately, he played for some really bad teams which prevented him from getting 300 wins, which is a guarantee to get elected.

Bert is also a great TV broadcaster, along with Dick Bremer. The two of them can make watching even a boring game more enjoyable. I especially enjoy listening to Bert complain that pitchers don't throw at batters enough these days, and complain that none of today's pitchers can throw a complete game.

I've gotten Bert's autograph in person on a few of occasions. Once at the Twin's Autograph Party in June of 2007, and twice at TwinsFest, in both 2007 and 2008. He is extremely nice in person and my sons really enjoyed meeting him.

Hopefully I'm wrong, and Bert gets elected this year. What do you think?

No returns in the mail today. I sent out another seven requests this morning, as well as a couple of cards to be signed by Tommy Davis at Bud's.

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