Thursday, December 04, 2008

Another Great Thursday for ttm Returns

I finally got back some requests I was anxiously waiting for. I say finally, but they really weren't out that long, I'm just impatient.

I got the bobblehead back from Frank Viola! He signed it on the helmet as I requested. It got a little bit smeared, and something odd happened to the head during shipping. The spring that makes it bobble appears to have broken through the inside of the hollow part of the head. No big deal, it doesn't look broken, but the head doesn't bobble and it looks like he doesn't have a neck.

I also received a couple of cards signed by Mike Mussina! He signed a couple of Topps Heritage cards (2003 and 2007). I am really happy to have these.

Don Mossi signed a 1956 and 1961 Topps, and Julio Becquer signed his 1959 and 1961 cards for me. Mr. Becquer also wrote a quick note thanking me for bringing back some memories of events I referred to in my letter (including a ninth-inning pinch hit grand slam) and wished me Happy Holidays.My son John attended a "Legends For Youth" baseball clinic at the Metrodome in August of 2007. Mr. Becquer was one of the instructors, focusing on hitting. Afterwards, Johnny was able to get autographs and I have a picture of him and the players.

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