Saturday, December 03, 2022

Ken MacKenzie, Jim Small and Bobby Richardson

Yesterday I received a return from Jim Small, who signed his 1956 and 1957 Topps, as well as the 1958 Topps Tigers team card, already signed by Charlie Maxwell.

Today I received two returns. First, Ken MacKenzie signed his 1962 Topps for me.  The signature is extremely small and light, quite different from signatures I've received from him in the past.  He may be having trouble signing these days.

Here's a 1963 Topps he signed for me in early 2017.

I also received a return from Bobby Richardson, who is a great ttm signer.  He signed the 1963 Topps Bomber's Best card as well as the 1963 Topps Yankees team card.  On the Bomber's Best card, he added the jersey numbers to the other two players: Mickey Mantle and Tom Tresh.  But it appears he put #9 on Mantle.  That was Roger Marios' number.  Maybe Mr. Richardson thought that picture was of Maris.

He also included his usual religious pamphlet that stars Mickey Mantle.  He wrote a brief note on it, stating that he'd use the $10 I sent to buy more of those pamphlets.

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