Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Jim Rice Rookie Card Return

I mailed out 13 requests today and received one. 

Jim Rice signed his 1975 rookie card for his $20 fee.  Like I mentioned a few days ago when I received Andre Dawson's 1977 rookie card back, I think I'll leave this card as-is, without having the other players sign it.  With multi-player cards, if one is more significant than the others, I like to just have the significant signature on it.

The other players are good signers, but I think at least two of them charge.  I might consider getting all of the signatures on a different copy of the card, like a true, obsessed collector, but that would probably cost about $35 in fees, including Rice again.

Speaking of 1975 Topps, I ordered a very large lot from a few different auctions by the same seller on Ebay.  These lots will probably cover about 90% of the set, including the Yount rookie.  It appears that the common cards are very nice, probably EX/MT or better with nice centering, which can be tough on this set.  I got tired of buying the cards individually on Sportlots.  It's a bit of a crap shoot in terms of centering because sellers don't scan 25-cent cards.  I've had good so far luck though, but it's very time consuming.

I've also got a bid in on a high-number lot from the 1973 set from the same seller, which ends in about 90 minutes.  My max bid is pretty high, but if I'm ever going to have a decent set, it's going to be from winning this type of auction.  I don't need the whole set, and I don't want a lot that covers only about 60% of the set, leaving me with a lot of work left to complete it.  If I win this auction, he has some other auctions with lots of lower-number cards from the set that I may look into, assuming they don't sell.  They don't have any bids yet, but the high-number auction has nine bids already.  Fingers-crossed.

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