Friday, December 03, 2021

Shane Mack Signed Bobblehead - FanHQ Signing

I added another signed 1991 Twins World Series bobblehead to my collection thanks to a FanHQ signing.

They had a signing with Shane Mack, so I jumped on the chance to get this signed.  I haven't seen many opportunities for signings with him, although there appears to be another one coming up later this month with another promoter, according to SCN.

Anyway, I'm happy to add this one and am now down to needing just three to complete all possible players from this set:

Steve Bedrosian

Mark Guthrie

Paul Sorrento


Crocodile said...

Being a Twins fan, I'm slightly jealous. That's one heck of an endeavor to get all those bobbleheads signed.

Droidtrader said...

It's definitely taken while! I have all the living players on the 1987 bobblehead set now. The three that passed away either before or after the set came out that I don't have include Puckett, Niekro and Baylor.