Thursday, December 16, 2021

Roy Thomas and Jim York Returns

I received two returns today.

Roy Thomas signed his 1978 Topps already signed by Dennis Lamp and Craig Mitchell.  Cardell Camper is deceased, so this card is now retired.  He also signed his 197 and 1980 Topps.

And Jim York signed his 1973, 1975 mini and 1976 Topps cards for me.

I've sent out a few requests lately.  Hopefully enough to keep the returns consistent for a while.  I also sent out a relative longshot request today (at least for me) to a former Twin who is a spotty signer.  And I didn't just send the typical card.  I sent a 1964 Western Oil Nicholas Volpe print.  We'll see if it ever comes back.

I also came across a 1988 All Star game program that I didn't remember having.  I read up on the game a bit and there are some Twins and former-Twins that played in that game.  Frank Viola was the winning pitcher and won the AL Cy Young that year.  Terry Steinbach, who was with the A's at the time, was the MVP.  Paul Molitor and Kirby Puckett went hitless.  Dave Winfield got a hit and scored a run.  Gaetti and Laudner also made appearances.

I think I will have Frank Viola sign the cover and ask that he add his Cy Young inscription.

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