Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Jim Rice - 1976 Topps

I've continued to send out to the "cheap" Hall of Famers like Juan Marichal, Harold Baines, Jim Palmer and Jim Rice.  I guess I consider $20 or less cheap for a Hall of Famer.  Molitor, Blyleven and Andre Dawson also come to mind.

Last time I sent to Jim Rice, I sent a 1976 and 1985 Topps along with $20.  At the time, he had been charging $10 per.  I sent to him just as he decided to raise his prices, so he signed my 1985 Topps and returned the 1976 Topps unsigned.

I recently decided to go ahead and send the 76 back to get it signed.  I am trying to get the Topps All Star Rookie team cards signed where possible, so this seemed like a good one to get while he's still signing ttm.

I'm a very amateur photographer, but isn't this photo about the worst you can take on a sunny day?  The shadow nearly obscures his face and there's a very sharp line between light and dark across his chest.  Photographers who may be reading this: please confirm or correct my thinking here.

Anyway, I'm glad his signature shows up as well as it does, considering the darkness and contrast on the card.  I'm hoping to get 20 of these Topps All Star Rookie Team cards signed and put them in a 20-card display that I got at Michael's years ago.  I've recently sent out a few more of these cards but think I could probably put together a display now.  I can think of one card that's going to be included for sure:

I'll try to include as many Hall of Famers as I can but try to mix up the years and teams as well.


Crocodile said...

You're correct about that Rice photo, but that's something that makes it very uniquely Topps. The display will look great when complete. Interesting that I didn't know Blyleven would sign for "only" $20. Was that signed pre-HOF?

Droidtrader said...

@Crocodile: I'm not sure what he charged prior to his HOF induction, but he still signs cards for $20 ttm. He has higher prices for other items, and $10 for inscriptions.